MyDiamond Exclusive & wedding band

MyDiamond Exclusive & wedding band

Perfectly made for one another, the “MyDiamond Exclusive” solitaire by Halberstadt can be combined with the wedding band. Their unique design ensures that the two rings never drift apart, but stay together in beautiful and harmonious unity. A marriage made in heaven. The wedding band can be created in different widths to complement the “MyDiamond Exclusive” solitaire ring. With either HRD or CIA certification from the world´s most respected diamond laboratories, the “MyDiamond Exclusive” solitaire ring´s outstanding quality is assured.

Both rings are available in 18kt. yellow gold, 18kt. white gold or platinum.

Wedding band from DKK 3200

“MyDiamond Exclusive” solitaire ring from DKK 19500

19.500 DKK

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